Pond Railing

This railing was created for a client’s back yard, part of which is bordered by a pond. The railing has an unusual shape to accommodate for one of the large stones on the pond’s edge, and the railing’s vertical cables provide safety without obstructing the view.

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Open Spaces

This railing provides an excellent view of the mountains without compromising safety. The use of cables instead of wider pickets draws the eye to the scenery behind the railing instead of the railing itself, making it easier to focus on the landscape.

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Happy Campers

These travelers stopped by during their cross country trip, and McLean Forge was able to fix a box on their trailer that had come loose.



They evidently made it home just fine, and afterward sent us a cheerful thank you note.

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Abstract Wave Railing

This railing was made by building the outer frame, followed by creating the design inside it. The code spacing between pickets cannot exceed four inches, so the design was changed slightly to fit. The inner pieces of metal were bent into shape and then welded together in this wavelike pattern. The railing was then finished with a gun blue finish.


The idea for the railing was inspired by the lamp hanging above it. The two pieces share some elements of their designs.

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Maple Leaf Gate

This gate and the surrounding fence was custom designed with an organic pattern of leaves and branches, providing security and beauty.

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Neo-Craftsman Style Railing

This railing was created while the customer was remodeling their house. The railing was put in to replace what had previously been a half wall on both the stairs and the second floor, making the space feel much more open. We used their custom design to fit in with their farmhouse aesthetic.

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Custom Garden Trellises

This customer asked us to create these custom trellises, and to powder coat them to match his existing window trim. Simple and elegant.

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Treble Clef Gate

This customer asked us for a custom gate. It was attached to a wood wall on one side, and a stone wall on the other of a different height. If you look in the background, you can see another railing we did just prior to creating this gate. We used the same materials but added the whimsical design for some extra flair, inspired by the customer’s love of music.

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Horizontal Bar with Decorative Bushings

This horizontal bar railing offers a very clean and crisp look.  The customer gave us artistic judgment to place the decorative bushings.


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