Beautiful Pergola with Cedar Purlins

pergola tube steel c channel cedar planks

The customer had the vision for this gorgeous Pergola that we built for her. It’s solid as a rock, engineered and flashed  into the structure of the house. The end result saves on cooling bills for the house and provides a respite from the unrelenting southern sun exposure.

Pond Railing

This railing was created for a client’s back yard, part of which is bordered by a pond. The railing has an unusual shape to accommodate for one of the large stones on the pond’s edge, and the railing’s vertical cables provide safety without obstructing the view.

Open Spaces

This railing provides an excellent view of the mountains without compromising safety. The use of cables instead of wider pickets draws the eye to the scenery behind the railing instead of the railing itself, making it easier to focus on the landscape.

Abstract Wave Railing

This railing was made by building the outer frame, followed by creating the design inside it. The code spacing between pickets cannot exceed four inches, so the design was changed slightly to fit. The inner pieces of metal were bent into shape and then welded together in this wavelike pattern. The railing was then finished … Read more

Neo-Craftsman Style Railing

This railing was created while the customer was remodeling their house. The railing was put in to replace what had previously been a half wall on both the stairs and the second floor, making the space feel much more open. We used their custom design to fit in with their farmhouse aesthetic.

Horizontal Bar with Decorative Bushings

This horizontal bar railing offers a very clean and crisp look.  The customer gave us artistic judgment to place the decorative bushings. With a natural gun metal finish, this railing will be functional art and a beautiful upgrade to this Boulder residence.  Contact us and reference the horizontal bar with bushings railing if you would like … Read more

Organic Branch Design Hand Forged Railing

This Boulder home remodel has upgraded their interior railing system and made it a focal point of their home.  The organic branch look is hand forged round bar with a natural finish. The beauty of the steel shines through and the design is simple and unique.